Hannah Brady


Hannah is a grateful Portland native who feels inspired by the ever-changing landscape of her city. Her interest in hair coloring was piqued at a young age when she snuck a bottle of Sun-In on a camping trip after her mother told her she couldn’t get highlights. The rest is history.

The way she sees it, hairstyling is a unique combination of technical, creative, and personal skills and knowing when and how to apply them is the fun and challenging part. With 5 years in the industry, she has studied a wide variety of cutting and coloring techniques but gets most excited about precision bobs, punk rock fashion mullets, and helping people facilitate personal growth through physical transformation.

When she isn’t behind the chair, Hannah can be found spending quality time with her partner and their dog, discovering new and exciting ways to use her Crock Pot, and moonlighting behind the front desk at her favorite yoga studio.


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